Friday, June 19, 2009

Land of the Lost

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Maybe it was the WBC. Or the fact he's thrown about 7, 987 innings over the last 10 years. Or maybe, just maybe his arm is the baseball equivalent of a wet noodle.

I have no idea. I'm just fairly confident something isn't right with our $100 million dollar import from the Land of the Rising Sun.

1-5 after getting basted by the Braves tonight, and unless the Sox can use the "Dontrelle Willis Defense" and get him on the DL I have no clue what the Red Sox are supposed to do.

I'm just really glad John Smoltz is waiting in the wings and that Theo didn't trade Brad Penny for a bag of balls and a utility infielder.

Beckett vs D Lowe tomorrow, and I've got high hopes The Commander will round back into form.

On a positive note, I'm headed to Durham after work to catch the PawSox play the Bulls with AB, BB, DB, etc.. with Ang, Rakes, and Ciera. Hope I've got time to stop off and buy myself a Magnum PI shirt on the way.


Trot's Hat said...

Have a phenomenal time, Ted and give my love to all!

Ted D said...

Will do, Bridget. The kids are looking forward to seeing the B Boys.

Rich in the garage said...

Pray there is no mascott for rakes to assault.

Pray like you've never prayed before.

Ted D said...

Jr, there is one although right now I can't remember what it is. Hopefully ab can keep him distracted long enough not to notice.

Rich in the garage said...

I have a feeling the B boys may just enjoy a good mascott womping.

Ted D said...

Oh, I'm sure they'll join right in.