Friday, June 26, 2009

I'm Josh Beckett. And You're Not.

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In addition to spitting nails and throwing thunder, Josh Beckett is now 9-3 for the year following a 7 inning outing against the Braves that resulted in a 4-1 Red Sox win.

Attention to the rest of the American League.

The Commander of the Kick A*& Brigade is back.

You've all been warned.


Sarah Elizabeth said...

Hey Ted! Tell Angie to follow my blog at I miss you two and the kids already!

Ted D said...

Miss you too, Sarah. I'll be sure and tell her. Say hi to Ryan for me!

Sean S. said...

Oh please. Every one knows that Beckett is over rated. He'll never beat the Yankees again. BOOK it!!

Tex said...

nice pic from yahoo. Beckett is on fire. on the field and behind the post presser desk. Reporters be warned ;)

Ted D said...

Yeah, over rated. He's only got the 4th best post season winning percentage ever. Go check CC's post season stats and get back to me. And I'm now even more convinced you have a mental disability. If you made your argument with any sense it'd go a long way.

And Tex, I missed the presser but if it was anything like he previous ones I get the idea. ;)