Saturday, November 28, 2009

At least it's not a Wanted poster. Yet.

In the first of what I figure to be many visits, the police showed up on our front porch today.

Seems that sometime while I was at work and Ang was trying to get all the Christmas decorations hung, Rakes decided he'd call 911; Why? You got me.

Apparently once the phone actually rang he decided to hang up and when they called right back, didn't let anyone know the phone was, you know, ringing or anything.

Before you knew it, one of our finest local constables was standing on the front porch while Ang profusely apologized, Rakes cried his head off while screaming "Don't take me to jail!" and Trot kept asking this poor civil servant who I'm sure by this point was wondering why HE was the unit to answer this particular call, in the most excited voice possible "Are you donna take ME to jail?!"

It's days like this I'm glad I have to work on Saturday.

To top it all off? I just found out it's the 20th anniversary of "Christmas Vacation".

Great. Like I need ANOTHER reminder that I'm flipping old.


Tex said...

I can't quit laughing. hold I cant quit laughing. My sides hurt from laughing.
So no chance Rakes is getting a cell phone any time soon huh?

LOLOLOLOLOL BAaaaaaaawwwwwwwwahhhhhhh

Ted D said...

I'm glad you think it's funny, Tex. This, combined with me sick as dog in bed most of the day is not making this weekend any more fun. ;)

Tex said...

oh im sorry you feel bad

:falls down laughing on floor..rolls around on floor giggling...stifles giggles::

I hope you feel better

:busts a gut laughing:

Ted D said...

Your sympathy warms my heart.

fla beck said...

SO sorry you are sick,Ted! Feel better,Buddy! The Rakes thing-I'll reserve comment until you are better but-I'm raising a non-weakwater to you,Sir!

Beth said...

If it's any consolation, Ted, I think every kid does this at least once! But still, classic Rakes!

Ted D said...

Beth, funniest thing is he has no clue why he dialed it in the first place. Or so he says.

Thanks Becky. Did the boy ever do this?

Rich in the garage said...

I never called 911, I had it called on me.

Ted D said...

Color me shocked.

Tree Newt said...

Now THAT is classic!!! At least he was worried about going, bro!

And just think: twenty years ago you and I were sitting in the theater, me with one eye shut and holding my glasses sideways so I could see the screen!

Ahhh...good time!

Ted D said...

Has it really been twenty years? Crap we're old.

Sam Jackson's Lovechild said...

one time, around 7 years old, i called 411 and had them on the phone for almost 20 minutes in a debate about whether i could make jello with really really hot water instead of boiling water

Ted D said...

Josh, that is hilarious. Did they ever believe you or not?