Monday, November 9, 2009

One More Time Around The Dance Floor

*Image courtesy of Kelly O and*

Looks like The Captain is going to be tripping the light fandango for one more year. Today it came out that Tek is picking up his player option for $3 million next year on the same day the Sox declined their $5 million one.

Now, just because they declined it didn't mean they didn't want him back; it just means they weren't willing to pay him that much to back up V Mart, spit Copenhagen in the dugout, and be Josh Beckett's personal catcher. 'Cause how else do you explain them letting him have the $3 million option in the first place?

Look, I realize the guy isn't the second coming of Pudge Fisk; what he IS though still should count for something. A leader, a consummate pro, a guy who knows more about catching and calling a game in his pinkie finger than most guys playing the position know combined.

He's won 2 World Championships, caught 4 no hitters, and he punked Slappy out in 2004. That ALONE makes him worth $3 million.

Yes he's not what he once was. But just like Toby Keith said, he's as good once as he ever was. And as far as backup catchers go, who'd you rather have? Greg Zaun? Benji Molina? Benito Flipping Santiago?

Besides, if Josh Beckett thinks having Tek behind the plate means the difference between him being average or the scowling, cursing, spitting strike out machine he's capable of being?

Who am I to argue?

PS: I told you so, Jr. Now quit arguing with your elders.


Sam Jackson's Lovechild said...

two words:

wood. chipper.

Ted D said...

Heh. You know I did this post partially just to get you out of the shadows, right?

fla beck said...

Thanks,Ted! The women of SG owe you one!

Tex said...

besides, we need thighs with those rolls
what? oh wait..

Ted D said...

No problem, Becky. You and Tex can take it up with the resident curmudgeon, Josh. ;)

Rich in the garage said...

He struck out in 25% of his at bats this last season. Runners can steal at will.

I hope he finds whoever was running balco and goes a full Bane from batman this season. I want him to come back looking like arnorld before t1 and running like a 20 year old.

I want him to do well, I really do, I said it last year and Im saying it again now.

Sometimes you gotta know when to hang em up as not to humiliate yourself.

Ted D said...

As a backup he'll be fine. And I'm still waiting for you to say "You were right, sir. He DID pick up his option." ;)

Rich in the garage said...

did he?

Thats not what I heard.

Ted D said...

I linked an article from NESN at SG last night; that's where I first saw it. Who knows? Maybe he changed his mind?

And quit arguing. ;)

Stacy said...

Glad Tek's back for one more season; but I'm especially enjoying Kelly's photo in your blog header. :)

Ted D said...

Yeah, I figured that'd please some of you.

Matty said...

Didn't know if you knew about this blog called Sox and Phils.