Wednesday, November 11, 2009

A Milestone. Or another sign I've got 1 foot in the grave.

Word by word, a replay of my most recent text conversation with Jr. (Jr is my buddy Rich, who is 23, calls me Sir, and talks faster than a guy running an auction with a deadline to get it all done in 5 1/2 minutes)

Rich: "Boras will not settle for three." (In full disclosure, I had no idea at first what he was talking about. Rich is what Rakes is going to turn into someday. And yes; that scares the crap out of me.)

Rich: "Still not signed, Sir." (See? One day he'll be old and even though I'll be older and may not recognize him, I'm still planning to make fun of him for being old.)

Me: "It'll get done, Jr." (Note the confidence of the wiser, older person in this conversation.)

Rich: "He signed it." (He couldn't see it, but I was doing the "I told you so dance" when I read this.)

Me: "Told you so. I'll expect your apology on my desk in the morning." (Not really since A, I don't actually have a desk and B, Jr is probably still trying to figure out a way to wiggle out of this.)

So while I may have jumped the gun a few days ago, it's now official; Tek is back for one more year and I can count on roughly 30 calls next season from Rich about how Tek as the back up catcher is either killing us or the best move Theo made since signing David Ortiz. It could go either way.

Finally, yesterdays post was my 1,000th. When I started this thing, it was more of a lark that evolved into some demented form of therapy that allowed me to communicate with some friends I knew, some more I made along the way, and the occasional random dink dropping his/her two cents in.

If you've been here since the beginning (Tex, I'm looking at you) or just stumbled in sometime completely at random I appreciate you reading and if you've ever commented? Thanks for your interest and seek help immediately.

Here's to the next 1,000.

And thanks the these guys?

I'll never run out of subject material.


Tex said...

It just occurred to me that in actuality Ciera costume was really Twister Sister ;)

I'm glad you listened to me and started this thing. You've really done well. I don't know who those yahooos were yesterday and how they found me and my blog but jeeeeeeeeeezUS...i touched a nerve.

But yah...those two heathens and princess you got there gives me daily material to work with.

HorshamScouse said...

Here's to the next 1000, Ted. I'm toasting you in actual Sam Adams in a Sam Adams glass. Yes, it's finally available in NZ. Cheers!

Ted D said...

I'm glad I listened too, Tex. And keep your head up.

Thanks, John. And I saw your FB update; $22.50? Wow.

Rich in the garage said...

Must have been nice to be Theo yesterday and simply saying "eff you boras you're not getting anything."

Ted D said...

Exactly what I thought. Nice to see him get shut up every now and then.

~**Dawn**~ said...

Darn it, every time I pop over here, you have a new Lowell temptation at the top. And then I get distracted & forget what I was going to say.

Anyway, I am glad he'll be back for one more season too. And then I truly & sincerely hope that he retires (barring some extraordinary miracle reincarnation of 2004 Tek) & starts working his way through the Sox coaching ranks. He still has so much to offer in that regard & I wish to never see him in another team's laundry.

Ted D said...

Dawn, sorry for the distraction. ;) And I second your statements on Tek; in one way or another he needs to stay with the organization.

Stacy said...

Glad it's official with Tek. Keeping him around in some coaching capacity would be fine with me. :)

Trot alone would give you enough blog material; Rakes and Ciera are just a bonus.

Ted D said...

Yep. On both counts, Stacy.