Thursday, November 5, 2009

It's Funny How Things Change

5 short years ago watching these dinks jump around hugging each other and grinning like morons, I'd have punched holes in my sheet rock, broken anything made of glass within a 3 mile radius and followed it up by punching myself in the cherries with an anvil.

Today? I'm actually pretty calm.

Amazing what two world championships plus the fact they spent the equivalent of the budget of Saudi Arabia over the past 9 years to win it. Truth be told? You spend $400 million dollars for 3 players? You'd better win or you look like the baseball version of Dan Snyder.

Look, they've got a good team. Yes, some of them took so many PED's they'll be dead before they are 50 and impotent before I finish this post, but they are what they are. They have the best closer of all time, a future Hall of Fame shortstop (who is more overrated than DeNiro at this point, but still a Hall of Famer), a guy who was cruising toward Cooperstown before admitting he was juiced up during his best years, and more guys with career years than you can shake a stick at.

But they did it. So I tip my cap, tell them all to bite my tweeter, and hope Theo is firmly ensconced in a top secret location trying to ensure this doesn't happen again next year. (Although the Jeremy Hermida acquisition earlier today isn't exactly making me tingle.)

Much to the chagrin of some, I'm not freaking out and curled up in the fetal position; it's baseball. Some years you win, some you don't. The team I love finished with the 3rd best record, made the playoffs, and just didn't get it done. There's always next year.

It really is amazing what winning it all does to one's perspective.


Tex said...

I don't really care. There's more important things than baseball

yeah who am I kidding? oh and the word verification: cycho. all its missing is an S

Ted D said...

You had me worried for a second there. ;) Did you know anyone at Ft. Hood? Pretty scary stuff; I'm hoping Josh's family is OK?

Tex said...

INsane. News is in abundance and just blurb is shooter didnt die

only cos they didnt shoot him enough times!!!

Ted D said...

Just a sad thing, Tex.

Matty said...

The Phillies were the better team. But the Yankees were for this series. I hope to see a Phillies-Red Sox duel next year.

Ted D said...

Here's to that, Matty.

Rich in the garage said...

The Phillies were not the better team. The Yankees are a power house of a team that didn't make mistakes. They had a better (for what its worth neither of them could spell cat if you spotted them the C and T) manager.

Hats off to the Yankees. That really was one of the most lethal line ups you will ever see assembled in youer lifetime and some of the finest pitching I've seen in mine.

Ted D said...

Rich, that was a well thought out comment that makes a lot of sense.

You aren't sick or anything are you?

Will Hennessy said...

Ok, ok...fine. They're world champs and whatnot.

But they also have arguably the most douchbags ever assembled on a baseball team.

If there were a trophy for that, they'd be 2 for 2 at this point.

Just sayin.

Ted D said...

Agree 100%, Will.

Beth said...

They stuck together and won. But I have a hard time believing that their "team spirit" will carry over to next year now that they've won. It's back to 25 men and 25 cabs - oh, wait, 25 limos.

BTW - I adore that photo of Trot in the last post!!

Have a great weekend, RSD!

Ted D said...

Beth, not only that but another year older and wii that fire be there? Thanks for the comment about Trot and hope your weekend is great too!

Rich in the garage said...

While the Sox did well this year there is no trophy for wins per dollar spent.

Spend the money. Get us talent. Get us a bat. Get us another trophy.

I like parades.

Ted D said...

You just like to see the blow up Mickey Mouse float, Jr.