Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Some things you just can't explain.

Par for the course, I have no idea what to write about tonight. Red Sox are playing golf, the kids have been relatively calm the last few days, and thanks to a travel day I can't even vent about how much it pains me to be watching Slappy playing in the World Series for the first time in his career.

So I've passed the last hour and a half watching "Law and Order" on USA Network and surfing the internet. And I've been thinking. (Which is always a dicey proposition.)

What I've come up with is pretty simple; if you're a parent, hug your kids. If you're married, tell your spouse you love 'em before you go to bed tonight.

And if you've got some issues, tell somebody before it's too late.

My brother, who teaches at a Christian school in Fayetteville, NC had to deal with this today.

I have no idea what would drive a man to this extreme and I don't really care to try and figure it out. All I know is life is too short and if I think about all this crap too long I'm pretty sure I'd go insane.


Tex said...

It's definitely sad when things like that happen. It always happens to what seems to be 'normal' and 'happy' families. But once it's over, truth comes out and either sex, drugs or greed of money will be at the root of the family's demise.

perhaps I'm tainted with cynicism.

Baseball has kept me going even if the Sox aren't in it...what will we do after this week?

Ted D said...

Not sure, Tex. Right now it looks like mental illness but who knows?

I just feel for Mattie and those kids; how do you explain that to kids who are Ciera's age?

I'm hoping Petey can extend the post season one more game tomorrow.

Tree Newt said...

To a man, the guy was dad-of-the-year. Whatever happened, he was not himself. This was not about finances.

Ted D said...

Totally sad, Mattie. Hope today was a bit better.