Friday, November 13, 2009

I Feel The Need. The Need.... For Speed

My co-worker John let me borrow his PS2 game, "The Need For Speed. Underground 2" today.

I should have known when I called Rakes when he got home from school to tell him, and got this for a reaction it was gonna get hairy.

"REALLY? Are you bringing it home TONIGHT?!"

So the 10 minute running commentary once we started playing the game while Ang took Ciera to her sleepover shouldn't have caught me sideways; but it did.

I'm in the middle of the sofa with Rakes on my right and Trot on my left; Rakes and I have controls that are actually hooked up to the system while Trot is holding one that isn't hooked up to anything, yet he's hollering and yelling at the top of his lungs "WHERE IS MY BLUE CAR?" while Rakes is screaming at me because his car is stuck against the retaining wall and he can't figure out how to go in reverse, all the while I'm sitting there trying to read the manual and not go deaf or lose my cool dealing with these raging maniacs next to me.

Topping it all off is the fact both of them just got done eating Wendy's and an ice pop while sucking down Apple Juice and are tweaking more than any meth addict I've seen on "Intervention" and I'm seriously debating whether I should just go lock myself in the bedroom until Angie gets home.

Imagine my surprise when I give Trot the working controller, and except for a few times where he gets turned around and goes the wrong way he actually does better against Rakes than I did.

All this has only made me more determined to get involved in the political process and try and get the "No Drivers License Before Turning 18 Law" passed in the next 10 years.

I could really use a hug right about now.


fla beck said...

Rookie Gamer Mistake,Dude! ;)

Tex said...

I'm sure that bottle you're holding in your right hand will give you a nice hug. ;)

Rich in the garage said...

This is why I need to live closer. Schooling kids in video games is what I live for.

When I was young I had Super Mario 3 and I thought that was the best thing ever, I can only imagine the skills the kids now will have when their my age let alone what the controllers will look like.

God help you if he turns out like me. Never let him play MMO's though.

At least not without me.

Ted D said...

Tex and Becky, it was wild. And up to now all we've played is Star Wars, Indiana Jones, etc.. so this was a first. And Jr, I pray everyday they don't turn out like you. ;)

Tree Newt said...

You were actually surprised that Trot did better than you? c'mon!!!

Bro, you are classic! Haven't had a chance to post the last few days, but I read 'em all in the RSS feed. I honestly think some of your best stuff comes out in these months before pitchers and catchers report!

Ted D said...

Mattie, no baseball gives me too much time to think!