Thursday, November 19, 2009

Just Trot being Trot.

I'd like to think that way back when the Pilgrims and the Indians sat down for the inaugural Thanksgiving feast there was a young child who spent the entire dinner talking incessantly, antagonizing his siblings, getting more food on the floor than in his mouth, and needing to be hosed down afterword.

That would REALLY help me mentally.


Wearing his camouflage pants, his light up Buzz Lightyear shoes, and a rebellious streak a mile long, Trot's pre-school had it's annual Thanksgiving program today where they sang songs, did a skit, and just looked cute in general.

Naturally, Trot didn't sing a word, turned around at one point with his back to the audience and put his hands on his ears (I'm guessing to show his displeasure with the actual singing but it could've just been his form of protest for not getting to be an Indian. With him, who knows?) and spent about 3 minutes furiously digging with his right pointer finger in his left nostril for every child, parent, grandparent, and disgusted onlooker to witness.


I was just happy he didn't drop trou at some point.

It's 50/50 at this point whether we're allowed to come back next year.


Chrissy said...

Your title alone made me laugh! Everytime my husband shows disdain for something I do, I shug and respond with, "that's just Manny being Manny!" :]

Your little guy is quite a character!

Ted D said...

He's quite the something, Chrissy. ;)

Rich in the garage said...

The kids probably going to grow up to be a nucleur physicist or something.

Then who will be laughing at the little nose gold miner?

Nichole M said...

i seriously enjoy reading all your stories about your kids -- trot and rakes especially.

but it makes me truly frightened to have my own!

Ted D said...

Rich, if he does then God help all of civilization. And I'll still be laughing at him.

Nichole, I'm glad you enjoy them; and don't worry, they all aren't like mine. If they were man would have figured out a way to colonize Mars by now.

Sam Jackson's Lovechild said...

"around at one point with his back to the audience"

i thik you read this wrong. it was just his tribute to miles davis

Ted D said...

Could have been, Josh. With him you never know.