Friday, February 26, 2010

Almost time to check out the Gun Show

Health Care Reform.

Republicans blasting Democrats and Democrats blasting Republicans.

An Earthquake in Japan.

That nutjob in Iran and his nukes and Israeli commandos taking out some muckity muck from Hamas in Saudi Arabia of all places.

The USA is cleaning house and taking names at the Winter Olympics and Ryan Seacrest unfortunately still has his gig on AI.

ALL of this is going on, Trot has turned into Coco the Gorilla, Rakes is getting N's on his writing at school and some dink asked Ciera to be his girlfriend the other day.

You'd think I'd be plotting my escape to some deserted Island where me and my family could live out our days in peace and quiet, away from all the clutter the world provides everyday.

And we would, except for 2 things.

One? Opening Day is a little over a month away; it's my light at the end of the tunnel, my pot of gold at the end of the rainbow and my visit to the shrink all rolled into one.

Two? The feeling in the pit of my stomach that Dustin Pedroia is poised to win his second MVP award in 3 years; you heard it here first.

2010 is gonna be The Year of the Munchkin.

95 mph coming in and 195 mph going out.


HorshamScouse said...

Nearly there, Ted.

You should send a copy of that pic to Rich and Candaon.

Matty said...

I gotta love your description of opening day. I may steal that from ya and use it myself.

Rich in the Garage said...

I'll get the 20 gauge and my hunting hat for the Dink. You tell Ciera not to worry - no ones gunna find the body.

Ted D said...

Will do, John. And Matty you're free to borrow it.

Jr, I'd tell you I love you but you'd probably get the wrong idea.

Tex said...

i saw Guns in the Post heading and see Beckett in your top Header Picture...and thought of course Guns are coming...oh wait...THOSE guns, you mean?

:sniffs outside: I smell baseball

Ted D said...

It's almost here, Tex.