Monday, February 1, 2010

Do Klingons babysit and what do they charge?

Captains Log: Day 3

I'm home alone with Trot and Rakes, Ange and Ciera have deserted me for some so-called "workday" which I'm pretty sure is female code for "let's go shopping".

It's been 3 days since it snowed and I'm seeing Indiana Jones Lego's in my sleep. We've went sledding, attempted to build a snow man, and played the Wii so much it was smoking last night.

I've lost at least 30 points off my IQ (and trust me; I didn't have a lot of wiggle room there to begin with) due to the massive amounts of Disney channel and SpongeBob Squarepants I've endured over the past 72 hours.

I'd take them outside again but the thought of getting all those clothes on them and then taking all those same clothes, only now soaking wet, off them is giving me the hives. Locking them in a closet was an option but then I remembered they could pick the lock.

Think I'll just go with the old "Wing It and Pray" option and hope for the best.

Kirk out.


Tex said...

Have the aliens taken over your mind?

Ted D said...

I think so. Either that or I've finally gone off the deep end. ;)

Rich in the Garage said...

Even the good captain would turn down that mission good sir.

Ted D said...

Pretty sure you're right, Jr.

And stop calling me sir.