Thursday, February 11, 2010

I betcha he has a dog named Snot one day.

Remember that moment during "Christmas Vacation" when Clark, Cousin Eddie and the kids are going sledding and Clark asks Eddie if he wants some of the silicon spray on his sled, only to have Eddie decline due to the metal plate in his head?

I think Trot may well be Cousin Eddie, minus the cigars and the leisure suits. However, he's only 3 so give him time.

While playing "Monster" with the kids tonight, which consists of me hiding until they find me and then tickling them until some says "STOP" or pees themselves, whichever happens first, Trot's forehead met the side of MY head which resulted in me seeing stars and sporting a goose egg and Trot uttering one minor grunt and then promptly asking me if we could play again.

In all seriousness?

I thought I had a concussion for a few minutes.

Suddenly, all those falls down the stairs when he was little that resulted in little more than a mild cardiac episode for me and about 10 seconds of crying for him are making all the sense in the world.

Maybe I can train him to be a MMA fighter?


Tex said...

I'll make sure to bring me a metal helmet

Ted D said...

Smart thinking, Tex.

Might want to bring a cup just in case. You can never be TOO prepared.

Tex said...

a cup? Dont you mean a beer mug and shot glass? I'll need a beer and chaser after butting heads.

Ted D said...

Whatever works, Tex.

Tree Newt said...

And posts like the last few are why I am probably the only person on this blog that DOESN'T hanker for opening day. Bro, you save your best stuff for the off-season!

Ted D said...

I'm losing it, little brother.

Sam Jackson's Lovechild said...

you should play "exploding rocket chair launch"

Amy B. said...

Ted...I just want to hug that picture. I know he's a little devil but he's an awfully cute little devil

Ted D said...

Think I'll pass, JB. If it means what I think it means anyways. And Amy, you want to hug cousin Eddie? ;) Trot being Trot.