Sunday, February 14, 2010

Luckily, I'll never forget Valentine's Day

18 years ago today I asked possibly the sanest thing I've ever done, before or since.

I asked Ange to marry me and for some weird reason? She said yes.

Best thing I've ever done, as I'm fairly certain I'd be living under a bridge somewhere in a box with a guy named Bert and mugging little old ladies for eating money.

All she's done in 18 years is make me the luckiest man alive, give me three wonderful children, and put up with more idiotic comments than most women hear in a lifetime.

So while I may have been a romantic fool for proposing on Valentine's Day I also set the bar ridiculously high; how do you flipping top a proposal?

Maybe the stress of thinking about it made me sick this year; feeling better but I never really knew your earlobe could ache.

Who knew?


Tex said...

on your 20th you surprise her with a renewal of vows wedding :)

Matty said...

Sweet story. You make a great looking couple.

Ted D said...

One time was enough, Tex. ;)

Thanks, Matty; although she definitely lifts me up in the picture.

Tex said...

That was my answer to your question "how do you flipping top a proposal?"

thats HOW. and I promise...Ang would melt and you'd be off the hook for another 20

Ted D said...

You think? Sounds like a lot of work..... ;)

Stacy said...

Aren't you two the same age? She looks a lot younger than you. :)

And Tex is right about the vow renewals. Great idea.

Rich in the Garage said...

If you renew your vows I wanna be the best junior at the renewed wedding.

The wedding will be a hell of a lot more fun with the SG crew around!

Ted D said...

Funny,sis. And yes, we're the same age. I can't help it that the kids don't age her. ;)

And Jr? You got it; although that may in fact mean we won't make it to 21 years.

Redbeard76 said...

Wonderful picture Ted!

Ted D said...

Thanks buddy. She makes it good.