Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The Mind is a Weird Thing.

Sometimes I get something stuck in my head and like some deranged Dustin Hoffman in "Rainman" I can't get it out, no matter how hard I try.

Like how did Hawkeye and BJ have a flipping STILL in their tent on M.A.S.H. and nobody just rolled them one night and took the thing? They were in KOREA for pete's sake with a working, functioning still and not ONE fellow soldier ever thought of just beating the crap out of them and taking the thing? They weren't exactly Soldiers of Fortune or anything.

Or why did Mel on "Alice" wear a short sleeved t-shirt and still feel the need to roll up his sleeves like he was the Fonze on "Happy Days"? For that matter, why did he wear a hat at work when he was three hairs away from looking like Kojak?

Don't get me started on Vera; how someone who'd obviously had a lobotomy was allowed to serve food to the public is a story for a different day.

This weeks obsession? That NASCAR commercial they've been running for the past few months about the Daytona 500 with that song in the background that has caused me to spend every minute driving to and from work racking my brain to figure out who it was. I went through Billy Squire, Firehouse, and Warrant albums more times than I care to admit before it hit me on the way home tonight. I almost hit a shrub which caused me to think of a tree which made me think of Joshua Tree which of course led to U2 which finalized in me remembering it was Bad (Wide Awake in America), circa somewhere around 10th grade which would be 84/85.

Don't try and figure it out; it'll just make your head hurt.

Trust me on this.

I dreamed I was at Spring Training last night.

I'm taking that as a good omen.


Tex said...

MLB showing the 04 season made me happy....and helping me get prepared for baseball season.


HorshamScouse said...

Never a big fan of U2 but that was OK.
While you're dreaming, dream of SF at the end of June! If it clashes with The Great Roadtrip of 2010 and your fear of flying, just tell Jr. to keep going West from your place and you'll be good (eventually). And I'll keep your seat warm at the bar.

Ted D said...

Tex, I knew it was on and just forgot to flip over; good times. And John, wish I could make it but Jr, JB, and I will be terrorizing the east coast. But I appreciate the thought my man.

Rich in the Garage said...

John, Why not meet us in florida?

And I wanted to rent a camaro but josh wont let me.

HorshamScouse said...

Jr. confirmed for SF. Maybe he was drunk when he did it. Or maybe he's cloning himself, if that's what the kids are calling it these days.

Ted D said...

A camero. Sounds about right. And John, the world isn't ready for two of Rich.

Rich in the Garage said...

The world can barely contain one of me.

Stacy said...

That's quite a trail of thought that helped you place that song. :)

Definitely the 80's; Bono has the hair.

Ted D said...

What Rich said.

And Stacy, sometimes it's a scary place to live inside my head.