Thursday, February 4, 2010

Funny. He LOOKS Normal.

Anyone who'd bite on the end of their cloth gloves standing in snow with temperatures hovering around freezing is a little odd. Throw in having a peeing fetish, his propensity to walk around and randomly yell "Shake your Bootie!" while shaking his butt, and screaming "ROCK BAND!!!!" during dinner and Trot is a case study looking for a shrink to talk to.

Tonight, while we were playing Wii he added a new wrinkle to his arsenal. Rakes is going to town on boxing while I'm sitting on the floor with Trot in my lap, the latter eating a cheese stick.




Like some deranged 3 year old Coco the Gorilla, he's reclined back on me, right foot casually crossed over his left leg with half a cheese stick between This Little Piggy went to Market and This Little Piggy stayed Home, all the while cheering his big brother on while he merrily munches away.

With his feet. What would possess a child to stick food between his toes and then eat it? Is this normal or should I be looking into the childhood of people like Carrot Top, Alex Rodriguez, and every fool who shows up on "American Idol" thinking they can sing and instead sounding like a Parrot with it's marbles caught in a blender?

I'm a God fearing, tax paying, hot dog eating, baseball loving guy just trying to make ends meet and raise a family and I may have a future cast member of "Jackass" on my hands.

I can haz baseball soon?


HorshamScouse said...

That's classic, Ted. Wonder when we lose the ability or the flexibility to do it. You would if you could, though, right?

Rich in the Garage said...

I wish someone had recorded my childhood antics because it would read like a play by play of what your child will be like over the next 14 years or so.

Chances are he'll be amazingly smart but oddly indifferent to learning.


Ted D said...

Probably so, John. And Rich? If you're trying to freak me out it's working.

Tex said...

Perhaps his hands were dirty and sticky from all the icey pops he ate and his feet were cleaner to hold it? He is just good at making use of what he's got. Sounds like he'd be great on Survivor show one day

Ted D said...

Either that or the zoo, Tex.