Thursday, August 26, 2010

Back to School

First day of the 2010/2011 school year was yesterday and Rakes dressed accordingly.

New Chucks, new WWE lunchbox, and new Sox t-shirt.

Talking with him about his day at school is usually about as easy as extracting information from one of the Gambino family but yesterday he was pretty excited to share something about his day.

Me: "How was school, buddy?"

Rakes: "Good, Dad. Dad; can I tell you something?"

Me: "Sure, bud."

Rakes: "Dad, in Mr. Agner's class? He doesn't have any Green cards, yellow cards, or red cards!" (Last year, they sent home a card each day with one of the three colors; red meant you got in big trouble, yellow meant you got in a little trouble, and green meant you were good all day. Let's just say his book bag resembled Christmas most of the time. A LOT of Green and Red.)

Me: "Really? So how do we know if you got in trouble that day?"

Rakes: "Dad. I don't think we can GET in trouble in Mr. Agner's class!"

First grade is gonna be interesting.

To say the least.


Tex said...

I already like Mr. Agner

or Rakes way of thinking.


What color card do you get for 'far outlandish crazy but have to laugh at' behavior?

Ted D said...

I'm not sure. I'm guessing purple but I could be wrong.

Sonya@Beyond the Screen Door said...

Hey! Look who's posting on your blog!
Aww, He looks so grown up and I just saw him three weeks ago!
He's going to have a great year in 1st grade! I know it! Mr. Agner...not so sure! LOL!

Ted D said...

Mr. Agner is a Dead Man Walking. He just doesn't know it yet.

Trot's Hat said...

With new Chucks, you can conquer the world. Best of luck to Rakes.

And to Mr. Agner... ;)

Rich in the Garage said...

Mr. Agner thinks he knows what a lion is but he's about to find out how clueless he really was.

Ted D said...

Thanks, Bridget. They both are going to need it. And Jr? You got bingo.

Stacy said...

I believe Mr. Agner has met his match. :)

He looks so mischevious in that picture!

Ted D said...

What do you mean he LOOKS so mischevious?

BB said...

kick ass and take names kid - NO MERCY.

Ted D said...

BB, one thing he doesn't need in that area is encouragement. But I appreciate the support. ;)