Sunday, August 22, 2010

You Just Never Really Know.

*Photo taken by the always awesome Kelly O*


2.26 ERA.


2 years ago, if you'd told me Clay Buchholz would be the stopper I'd have told you to take the acid back to the dealer and demand a refund. Now? He's gotta be in the conversation for best pitcher in the American League and in the running for the Cy Young.

I'm selfish, so I love the guy for one reason only. He's the only pitcher on the staff that I DON'T go into the game wondering when I'm gonna have to start mainlining TUMS at some point during his start.

In yet another sign that God has decided to revisit the Book of Exodus, the Mariners come to town tomorrow along with two days of predicted epic rain.

Somebody keeps trying to tell this team that this ain't the year.

God love 'em for not listening.


~**Dawn**~ said...

Please play that that rain allows for the Wednesday game. I will be seriously bummed if it gets delayed or rescheduled. My flight leaves Boston at 8:20pm Wednesday evening & I have no choice but to be on it...

Ted D said...

You are going to Boston? Have a blast, Dawn. Screw the rain; you'll be fine.

~**Dawn**~ said...

Yes, I am, and I'm sure going to try, Ted! =) Just need them to play on Wednesday. Even if it's in the rain.

Ted D said...

Good for you. And I'll do an anti-rain dance just in case.

Tex said...

AND he's from Texas :)

makes me sad watching Beckett struggle..and yah I'm glad the team don't listen to the voices