Sunday, August 29, 2010

He just can't win for losing.

*Image courtesy of Kelly O and*

There are numerous reasons the Red Sox lost last night starting with Clay throwing over to first approximately 597 times trying to hold Carlos Pena, who he apparently thinks is the reincarnation of Lou Brock, then throwing one over Lowell's head that I don't think Manute Bol could have caught.

Throw in Buchholz giving up the HR to Upton, Atchinson giving up his HR, guys left on base all over the diamond, and just plain bad luck. And yes, in hindsight, JD probably should have let that foul ball drop instead of traversing the Rays bull pen and dodging more hazards than you see in Frogger to make a spectacular catch but letting Pena tag home.

I just don't think you can fault a guy for doing what he's been taught to do since he was 5 years old; go get the ball. Throw in having to judge where the thing was going to come down while looking at the bottom of a UFO WHILE you decide whether to let the ball drop or catch it?

I just don't see it.

I'm hoping tonight is the night Lackey shows us all what they brought him here to do; shut the door, stop the bleeding, and send the Sox to Baltimore on a high note.


BB said...

i say he played it smart - he went for the sure out, not the "let's hope for a strike out or a ground out" out. like i said on sg, this is baseball, not tennis.

Ted D said...

Thanks for backing me up, BB. I felt like the last guy standing for a while.