Friday, August 27, 2010

Let it Be

In times of great distress and angst for the Red Sox, when they are seemingly down and out with Youk, Pedroia and Ellsbury out for the year and Tek on the DL and Lowell gimping his way to first, I look to Millar.

Yeah, we may be 4 1/2 games back, and yeah, the odds are stacked against us, it ain't like they haven't been here before.

In 2004, they were down 0-3 to the Yankees and it was Millar who kept yelling "Don't let us win tonight!". 8 games later they were world champs.

And the video I posted is yet another sign to Look to Millar; down 3-1 to Cleveland in the ALCS in 2007, another 8 games later and they were world champs.

I'm in the process of writing Theo a letter begging him to hire Millar as an inspirational speaker for the next 6 weeks.

If nothing else, dude has a proven track record.

It wasn't over when the German's bombed Pearl Harbor.

And at least in THIS house, it isn't over until Kevin Millar say's it's over.


Stacy said...

Anyone who says "Cowboy Up" is ok in my book. :) Get that letter to Theo ready.

PS - possibly my fav Beatles song.

Ted D said...

I'm playing all my cards at once, Stacy.