Thursday, August 19, 2010

Every Picture Tells A Story

Except this one doesn't tell the complete version.

Ang was qualified for a cell phone upgrade, and even though we got BOTH phones at the same time, I wasn't. Seeing how MY phone required me to hold my mouth in a certain position and be facing NNE whenever I had to use it (Cyn, Kelly, JB, Amy, and others can verify this) we decided she'd get a Blackberry, I'd get HER old phone, and everything would be everything.

Which is fine in theory. In practice? I had to leave work early, drive home and get my phone plus pick up Trot since Ang had a migraine, and head to the local Sprint store to get the data transferred.

We weren't there 2 minutes and he grabbed his crotch and uttered "I gotta pee, Dad." Since Sprint apparently doesn't offer public restrooms we had to run down the sidewalk to the Christian Bookstore. As soon as we crossed the threshold of the store, the guy behind the counter undoubtedly saw my look of panic and Trot holding onto his marbles looking exactly like LL Cool J from some video in the 90's and just pointed to the rear of the store.

Afterword we headed back to the Sprint store where he yanked every display phone to it's very limit and I wore a bare spot out in the carpet while the really nice tech guy transferred my data to the newer phone.

THEN we drove to Lowe's to pick up air filters, went back home where I made the kids dinner, followed by giving the boys baths with one eye and trying to keep up with the game I watched Hideki Matsui take Beckett yard followed shortly after with the wheels completely falling off a 1-1 game.

Throw in Trot squeezing almost an entire tube of toothpaste out onto the sink and by the time the Angels mercifully put the Sox out of their misery I was fairly certain I was one more question away from a cardiac infarction.

So even though a picture tells a story, sometimes it doesn't tell the WHOLE story.

Or something.

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