Monday, August 23, 2010

The Caveman Cometh?

He swore he'd never go to New York.

Then he did.

He did naked pull ups in the locker room, then went out did his thing.

He played at 150 rpms, throwing his body around like it didn't matter. If you don't believe me, just ask Damian Jackson.

Coining the term "The Idiots", he led that rag tag bunch of hell raisers to a miracle comeback over the Yankees and into history in 2004.

Then he was gone. To the Evil Empire of all places. And just like most of us thought, he thrived there, turning a clubhouse that resembled the boardroom of IBM into, well, a clubhouse. He even helped them win a World Series last year, but just like it was after 2005 in Boston? They weren't willing to pay him what he thought he was worth and he headed off to Motown.

Today, the Red Sox claimed him off waivers. Why? Who knows; maybe to block the Rays who need an outfielder, or maybe to block the Yankees who could want him back. Or they could just be thinking they are still in this thing, and with Cameron and Ellsbury gone for the year they would make one last shot at making the post season dance.

I realize his numbers are down. I know that on paper Nava and McDonald have better stats and come a whole lot cheaper. But if you've read this blog for any period of time you know I view stats and common sense and logic like I view Oprah.

I don't even turn on the channel.

My head tells me he'll reject the trade and my heart tells me he'll accept it, but honestly? I have no idea if he'll end up back in Boston.

But if you're wondering what the players on the team think about him coming back, I'll let The Captain set you straight.

"I remember his 10-, 15-pitch at-bats, fouling off nasty pitches, and the grand slam in Game 7 [of the 2004 ALCS against the Yankees]," said Red Sox captain Jason Varitek. "He plays the game the right way. He pushes energy. He's an exciting player. I never wanted to see him leave here."

Just look at what the Good Book say's about Prodigal Sons.

While they're at it, bring Trot out of retirement.

At this point, what do they have to lose?


Tex said...

Can we just draw his outline in Centerfield wall like they did last time and take batting practice at it?

Ted D said...

Why not?

Sam Jackson's Lovechild said...

give me one good baseball reason why he would be an asset to THIS YEAR'S team

give me any reason

Ted D said...

His wife?

BB said...

there is no reason and i doubt the sox really were ever interested in getting him. theo pulled a ca$hman - the mfy or the rays would have snatched his ass in a heartbeat. +2 for theo.

Ted D said...

BB hit it. I'm fairly certain it was a block on the Rays and it wouldn't shock me to see 'em do it to Manny too. Knowing him, he'd forget he ever played in Boston and accept it.