Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Breakfast with Trot

Trot had a Mother/Father breakfast at school today where I tried to sit with him at his table and was informed that my seat was for "Toria" (his friend Victoria). One day he's running into brick walls and the next he's Don Juan all of a sudden.

Anyways, he made me and his Mom a place mat where on the back they asked them questions about their Dad. I was sort of nervous about this because I was certain there was going to be a "I like to watch my Dad scream bad words at the television when the Red Sox are on" but thankfully he left that out.

You can see the answers he gave above and in short order my favorite color is blue, I loathe spaghetti, we don't have a real soccer goal, and unfortunately I'm not 5. This only underscores the fact he's not only a serial urinator, he's also REALLY unobservant. Although he DID say his Mom was 10, so I've at least got THAT going for me.

One day, when I look out the kitchen window and see him burning down the woods behind our house, I'll look over at the picture they gave me for my Father's Day present where it's written on the back "I love my Dad because he loves me" and it'll be the only thing that keeps me from sending him to reform school.



Tex said...

Your fav color is red cos you love the red sox. DUH :)

Ted D said...

Makes about as much sense as anything else, Tex.

Rich in the Garage said...

I twice burned down an entire field when I was younger.

Once was an errant model rocket engine and the other time was an incident with a bottle rocket that ended entirely wrong.

Anyhow...they're all learning experiences.

Ted D said...

Why am I not surprised? You were the top of "Cape Cod's Most Wanted" weren't you?

Rich in the Garage said...

Nah, I didn't run away from either fire.

Picasso didn't paint his masterpiece and then never look at it again did he?

Ted D said...

You actually compared yourself to Picasso?