Thursday, May 26, 2011

Milestones and Ulcers.

Trot graduated Pre-School yesterday and I figured I'd better document it with photographic evidence. 'Cause frankly? I'm not 100% positive I'll get another shot of him wearing a cap and gown.

He went to work with me for a total of ONE HOUR today and in that hour managed to hit my boss in the marbles, take a power walk on top of a brand new sectional, climb to the top of a lion statue at the entrance that I'm told cost around $4,000 and take a measuring tape to our new, marble topped counter that I'm guessing cost conservatively 10 grand. By the time I took him across the way to his year end party at the Bounce place I was looking for a paper bag to breathe in.

On a positive note, the last two Red Sox games have had a combined score of 28-3, advantage Sox. EVERYBODY is raking, including the much maligned Carl Crawford who has gone, by my calculations, 7 for 9 with a bomb and two triples mixed in. THIS is the fantasy league lineup we all envisioned before the year with lights out pitching and flat out carnage at the plate.

The fact they are doing it without 2 of the starting 5 pitchers?

Just a bonus.

Old Man River on the mound tomorrow night and first place squarely in the scope.

I may survive almost a week at home alone with Trot yet.

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