Sunday, July 31, 2011

After a win, a night at the movies

The Red Sox won 5-3 today, taking the series from the White Sox and finished the month of July with a 20-6 record. So all is well on the baseball front.

Rakes is finally feeling better, Ang got an A on her second class on her way to a Master's Degree, and for once Trot didn't do something that caused me to wonder if there was a mix up at the hospital between us and a circus family and as a result there is some poor family of tight rope walkers touring the country right now and wondering why their son refuses to go up on the high wire. So all is well, for once, on the home front.

I caught the last 15 minutes of "Point Break" last night, and due to the relative calm in my baseball and personal life, I decided to rank my Top 5 All-Time Favorite Movies, starting at #5 and ending with #1. So, without further ado and realizing almost every one of these movies were at the top of Rotten Tomato, here we go.

#5. Heat

It has without a doubt one of the best bank robbery scenes in movie history, a great cast with DeNiro and Pacino at the top of their game, and the guy behind "Miami Vice" directing it. How could it lose?

#4. Roadhouse

Swayze, Elliot, bar fights, The Jeff Healey Band, and "I thought you'd be bigger". Plus, his name was Dalton.

#3. Lonesome Dove

Robert Duvall could have only had the role of Gus in his entire career and it would have been Hall of Fame worthy. He and Tommy Lee Jones made the standard bearer for all Westerns after it and even though I've seen it a million times, Gus' death and Call's reactions still make it a tad dusty.

#2. Shawshank Redemption

Hope is a good thing. It still amazes me the story came from Stephen King, but this movie will always fall under my "if I find it on television flipping channels I have to stop and watch the rest" category. Besides, I could listen to Morgan Freeman read the stock report every day. Lastly, it's given me more quotes that I've been able to use and drive my brother nuts with over the years that it ALMOST made number 1.

#1. Point Break

Hands down. Swayze, Reeves, Busey before he went off the reservation, one of the most ridiculous plots you'll ever see with some of the cheesiest acting and lines ever, yet it works. Reeves peaked and so did Swayze and it's still hard to believe he's no longer with us.

No matter how many times I've seen it, I always wish Bodi would have gotten away in the end.


Stacy said...

You surprised me. I just knew Shawshank would be number one. Guess you never really know a guy...even your brother. :)

Ted D said...

It's close. But Reeves yelling "You gotta go DOWN, Bodi!" and "I am an FBI AGENT" win out.