Monday, July 11, 2011

What I Thought I Knew. I Didn't.

My strategy of "Shock and Awe" when it comes to the pool of having Rakes and Trot splash every bit of water out and then come home and crash and burn came back to bite me on my non-existent rear end today, as I spent 3 hours at the Doctor with Rakes and came away with a diagnosis of "Swimmers Ear".

For about a week and a half he's complained of his ear being stopped up, even going so far as to jump up and down while whacking the side of his head while on one leg, much like Kramer in the series finale of "Seinfeld".

We tried hot baby oil, thinking it was wax build up. We then went to the generic swimmers ear remedy, but unfortunately his ear had swelled up so much the drops never made it down.

So they put some sort of tube thing in his ear, he spent most of the three hours either telling me he wanted to go home or crying (normally, crying is reserved for limbs barely hanging on or bone coming through the skin so I knew it was serious) and was given a prescription ear drop and unlimited Tylenol usage.

And no pool for a week.


I wonder if this is how Napoleon felt at Waterloo.


Stacy said...

Poor guy. I don't like to think about him crying like that.

He looked pretty happy playing ball with Gar and Cousin Jerry last night, though. :)

Ted D said...

Doc said he's start to feel better quick, so hopefully the medicine is working.

treenewt said...

Man, I know that joker is hurting if he's in tears. Tell him uncle Mattie is praying he feels ready to climb the walls soon!

Ted D said...

Let's not go that far, little brother. ;)