Wednesday, July 13, 2011

I'll Be Fine. Seriously.

Captains Log: Wednesday, July 13th.

No baseball game tonight. No glorified BP, no All-Star exhibition, nothing. Oh, the Commissioner, the bumbling used car salesman that billionaires decided was competent enough to run the game has decreed we're getting realignment, MORE instant replay, and two more Wild Card teams had a press conference today to announce all of the above.

OK, I'll give him realignment. If the Diamondbacks or Astros are willing to switch leagues? Great. It makes a balanced 15 teams per league and will probably prevent some of the stupid scheduling conflicts we're seeing in todays game.

But MORE instant replays, meaning MORE delays to games that already run about 3 1/2 hours? Why don't we just replace all the umpires with cyborgs already and just get it over with? And TWO more Wild Card teams? Let's just turn this into the NBA where everybody not named Sacramento or Charlotte gets in?

This moron has presided over a season with no World Series, the steroid era, millions of viewers forced to listen to Tim McCarver bumble his way through a Saturday afternoon game, an All-Star Game called because there weren't enough players left to play, and if nothing else, the fact Angel Hernandez and Joe West still have jobs as umpires is enough of an argument to impeach his sorry *** NOW.

Let's face facts. I could have Trot switch places with Uncle Bud and other than a mandatory "No Peeing on the infield grass" it would stay the same. Or actually get better. I say let's let Charlie Sheen or Carrot Top or Napoleon Dynamite run the game.

If it's gonna be a total screw up, it might as well be somewhat entertaining.

Sorry for the rant.

I get sorta cranky with no baseball.


Stacy said...

[I get sorta cranky with no baseball.]

Really? I couldn't tell. :)

Ted D said...

Shocking, right?