Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Long night at Fenway. In a Good Way.


3 1/2 hours in and it's the top of the eight inning.

I love the game of baseball and I expect 4 hour games when it's the Yankees but watching the Red Sox beat the Royals for this long only reminds me of the difference between a gut busting game between two arch rivals and a game between a superior team and a cellar dweller where bad pitching, worse defense, and it appearing at times if batting practice is going on.

Yet even in a game this ugly we've got the drama of whether Pedie will hit for the cycle, Aceves hitting Billy Butler in the back for having the audacity to have a good night at the plate, wondering if Tito will break the world record one night for most pieces of gum in a human mouth at one time, and the pure joy of seeing Tek hit one completely out of the park.

I'm not sure what all that means or what it say's about me but I do know this.

I. Love. This. Game.

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