Sunday, July 3, 2011

Beckett Sweeps The Leg!

Just found this picture taken by my friend Kelly ( and it reminded me of carrying Trot upstairs after he's fallen asleep on the couch.

It also captures perfectly how I felt after watching Beckett go 8 innings, strike out 11, give up 1 run and in general look like he's at his snorting, cursing, anti-establishment best, even going so far as to totally brush off the NESN reporter after the game.

Who knows? Maybe making the 2011 All-Star team makes him even MORE surly?

What I do know is this; he's 7-3 with SEVEN no decisions to his credit already this season which should make every hitter on the team a tad nervous. Would YOU want to be one of the reasons he doesn't win 20 games this year? I also know that with one more win he's halfway to 16 wins and if he's 8-3 by the All-Star break?

A certain foul mouthed, borderline midget with a receding hair line and a heart of gold is gonna owe me $100.

Hopefully by the time I head to Boston in September.

2011: Year of The Beckett.


Rich in the Garage said...

Not going to happen.

Ted D said...

Keep telling yourself that, little buddy.