Saturday, July 9, 2011

Pining for the Rem Dawg.

*Picture courtesy of Kelly O and*

His Jekyll and Hyde year continues. After going 2 1/3 in his last outing, Lackey went 6 2/3 tonight, didn't allow a run, and probably earned himself a spot in Beckett's Ring of Honor for plunking D Lee in the hip with a fastball in his last inning of work due to the festivities lingering from last night.

Speaking of which, the more I watch the clip of Papi charging the mound he and Gregg look like two Rams banging into each other. Thank God neither one of them landed a punch 'cause a shattered orbital bone or 3 was in the offing.

I was once again subjected to the Orioles feed, thanks to Uncle Bud and the infinite wisdom of MLB who have decreed I, a mere 5 hours away, am considered part of the "home market" for a baseball team that hasn't been relevant since the late 90's. Throw in the fact I have to listen to a crew of doorknobs and imbeciles call these 3 plus hours and I'm ready to storm MLB Headquarters with a wheelbarrow full of dirt clods and Trot and Rakes bringing up the rear with Super Squirters.

Imagine what I'd be like if the Sox didn't win 4-0?


RedSoxFaninVA said...

I hear ya about MASN! I watch in silence when the Sox play the O's because it's preferable to listening to those clowns. Go Sox! 5 straight and still in first:)

HorshamScouse said...

In their infinite wisdom, MLB International insist on using Gary Thorne to represent baseball in the ASG to an unsuspecting world outside the US. Dinks.

Ted D said...

RSF, I would have done that but I sort of use the tv to block out the hollering done in the house. ;)

And Scouser, you have my sympathies my friend.