Monday, March 26, 2012

And A Dirt Dog Shall Lead Them

*Image courtesy of Associate Press*

There will come a point during the season where I'm pretty sure Bobby V's self promotion will make Hulk Hogan blush.

I'm also pretty sure that by May I'll utter the words "If I hear one more story about chicken and beer in the clubhouse I'm gonna toss an otter through the bathroom window".

And I'm 99.9% certain that Jr and I will have come THIS close to having a Steel Cage Match on public access television over whether Josh Beckett is an elite pitcher (my position) or he just plain sucks. (Jr's stance)

The one thing I'm 100% sure about?

As long as Dustin Pedroia is hitting bombs, talking trash, getting his uniform as dirty as humanly possible and driving Valentine up a tree?

I can make it.

I can make it through Ciera's downward spiral into a mouthy teenager.

Through Trot's Alopecia, urination, and terrorizing the dog.

Through all the fighting and arguing between Rakes and Ciera about who bothered who first and who stole the other one's pencil and all the other crap that is going to spring up over the next 6 months.

In Pedroia I Trust.


Stacy said...

Somebody had to take up the "dirt dog" mantle. Gotta love the little guy. :)

Ted D said...

I'm so ready for next Thursday to get here.

Rich in the Garage said...

Where the hell are you going to get an otter?

Ted D said...

Dude, I've got Trot. He's probably got one in his closet or under his bed as we speak. And if not? I'll just turn him loose at the lake this weekend and in 5 minutes? Tada! An otter.