Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Thhhhh That's All, Folks.

Every day around 3 o'clock I call home and check in on how the boys made out at school that particular day and every day my Mom or my Father in Law usually has something to tell me about what Trot or Rakes or sometimes both had to say.

Today was no exception.

My Mom took the boys to McDonalds for lunch and along the way realized both of them were leaning way too forward in the seat so she asked if they were buckled in. Turns out they were but really loose so Mom did the old standard "It would be a shame if I got pulled over by a policeman and they took my driver's license away because you two weren't buckled up properly. Nanny wouldn't be able to take you places or come over or go anywhere. Wouldn't you feel bad about that?"

A half second later the following took place.

Rakes: "Nanny, I know how you get a drivers license."

Nanny: "You do? How?"

Rakes: "Well, I was watching Daffy Duck the other day...." and proceeded to spend the next 10 minutes detailing how Daffy Duck went to the DMV to get his license. Never mind the fact that Daffy is a cartoon character and the episode more than likely involved a talking pig and rabbit, Rakes told this story with a straight face like he was reading the newspaper.

I may need to sit down and explain that not EVERYTHING you see on tv is, you know, REAL.


sittingstill said...

So I'm guessing he saw this?

Oddly enough, I have clear memories of a cartoon where Goofy taught driving lessons, among them the fact that you should never stop when trying to merge onto a highway, and I think of this every time I see someone do that. However, I suspect that was more useful than the ones Rakes saw.

Ted D said...

Kelly, I've seen that Goofy one! And yeah, yours was definitely more informative.