Saturday, March 31, 2012

It's A Dog Life

In yet another reminder that we have a lot to learn about having an indoor dog I bring you the following story.

Ang and the kids had already headed over to my parents house for dinner tonight when I ran home after work to change into my "non-work" clothes. Usually when I enter the house the four legged creature that has taken over my home is RIGHT in front of the door waiting to attempt to lick all the skin on my body. Today? No dog.

After hollering his name several times I could hear a faint whining sound emanating from my bedroom. Upon entering the room I discovered my closet door completely closed and scratching coming from the other side. I opened the door, Keagan ran out and I found two bags of Carmel Creames tore open on the floor with the individual wrappers opened up just like a human would do it. Oh yeah, the light was on and Ang SWORE she turned it off.

So I've got $7 worth of candy gone, a dog that apparently can turn a light on and close a door but not open it and the sinking feeling that no matter now often I take this thing out to go to the bathroom I'm gonna find a not so nice surprise waiting for me in the morning.

I've have GOT to install closed circuit cameras in the near future.

Imagine, just a few short weeks ago I was worried that Trot was going to be the one who sent me to an early grave.

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