Sunday, March 25, 2012

Sunday in Suburbia

I find myself yelling a lot lately and I don't know whether it's my advancing years causing my impatience or the kids or El Nino but I end up blowing my top like Etna about twice a week.

Tonight it was brought about by Rakes taking Ciera's pencil box at some point over the weekend and Ciera going completely bonkers and every time I tried to speak and find out where Rakes put the pencils she would yell in that way that only teenagers can yell and after about 5 minutes I went off like that guy in "Broadcast News".

I have no idea what I said; it was just about a 45 second long rant where I'm pretty sure the veins in my neck made me look like Bruce Banner and my blood pressure went up about 100 points and the dog ran out of the room like he'd chewed on the bottom of the television and I'd caught him in the act.

Throw in the fact Rakes got up about 475 times after I put him to bed and Trot is turning the dog into a basket case and Ang spent the weekend with a migraine and I'm THIS close to a nervous breakdown.

Thank God tomorrow's Monday.

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