Sunday, March 4, 2012

And So It Goes

One of the principals at the boy's school is also a member of our church and today he ended up sitting right behind us. During a break in the service he leaned over to Ang and asked if Trot's teacher had told us about the visit he made to Trot's class last week.

Turns out during a routine class inspection the teacher had pulled him aside and asked him to speak with Trot in private about a certain incident that had just taken place.

How he managed a straight face (At one point he told Ang he had to briefly walk away so Trot wouldn't see him losing it) he asked Trot, and I quote "We you trying to look up your teacher's dress?"

To which Trot replied "Yes. But only a little bit".

Yay. Now we get to add perv to the face licking and other general mayhem.

And he's not even 6 years old.

I wonder of they keep World Records for that sort of thing?


Rich in the Garage said... least we know what team he's playing for.

Ted D said...

This is true. It doesn't help much but it's true.