Friday, March 30, 2012

A Hot Dog and a Life Lesson

Who knew Trot would bring me one of the sweetest moments I've ever had that involved somebody I'd never met before?

Ciera spent the night with a friend and Ang and I took the boys out for hot dogs for dinner.Right as we're getting ready to wind our meal up this man I've never seen before, along with an adorable little girl wearing a bandanna appeared at our table.

"My daughter just wanted to know if your son is ok?" he asked. I explained that Trot had alopecia and he informed me that his daughter, a 7th grader for God's sake, just finished her Chemo and had spotted Trot the minute we walked in the door of Zacks, our local hot dog establishment.

And just like that all my self pity over my son losing his hair and worrying about other kids making fun of him went flying out the window. My son is perfectly healthy except for having no hair, yet this precious little girl fighting cancer saw us walk in and immediately worried about HIM.

I fully believe Trot's hair will come all the way back one day in the near future but if it doesn't?

Sweet Holy Moses I've still got so much to be thankful for.

I'm pretty sure I'll remember that sweet little girl for a long, long time.

Leave it to a child to remind us of what is REALLY important.

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Tree Newt said...

Great post bro. It's just proof of what Jesus meant when he said "unless you become like a little child..." That little girl focused on someone other than herself. I know I can learn a lot from that.