Sunday, June 5, 2011

Calm Before The Storm

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Best thing about Carl Crawford getting one high and tight off his front shoulder today in his first ab after hitting a 3 run bomb?

The moment of near chaos that ensued as he walked down the first base line internally debating whether to charge the mound and stomp a mud hole in somebody. Why, you ask, would I be excited about Carl contemplating felony assault in the middle of Fenway Park?

3 games with the Yankees to start the week starting Tuesday, 1 game separating the 2, and my season long dream of hoping to see Slappy running in fear, knowing he has no chance of getting away, while Crawford chases him around Yankee Stadium carrying a Louisville Slugger and sporting the same facial expression Jack did in "The Shining".

What can I say?

Yankee games bring out the violent side in me.

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