Monday, June 20, 2011

Do they still do Lobotomies? And not for him; for Me?

Maybe the fact he's standing 2 feet away from a 48 inch tv at my parents house helps explain it, but while we were at the pool today Trot had to go to the bathroom.

So he did.

On the concrete.

4 feet away from the bathroom door.

As I was pouring water on the area he defiled and yelling my head off at him I was also pontificating on why he does these things. He KNOWS where the bathroom is, has been potty trained for around 2 years now, and by now should realize how serious the situation is by the color of my ears, sort of like the now defunct Homeland Security Terror designations.

I think by the end of my rant he realized we were at Defcon 5 with really nowhere else to go.

Thankfully I didn't have my Mom's blood pressure machine close by at the time 'cause I'm fairly certain I would have broken it.

Ang has 25 more months of Masters classes to take before it's all over.

If you are a betting sort of person, go to Vegas and take the over on me not making it 'til the end.


Tex said...

Awwwwwww he just couldn't hold it

BB said...

being able to pee on the concrete 4' from the bathroom door is one of the 1,000,006 reasons I was born a man.

Ted D said...

BB, we've already closed the pool down once. We do it again and my neighbors may vote me off the island.

Tex said... live on an ISLAND????

Ted D said...

Feels like it at times, Tex.

Rich in the Garage said...

Technically I live on an island.

capture is butt hot. Thank you.

Ted D said...

What are you talking about, Jr?