Friday, June 17, 2011

Where is Ed McMahon when you need Him?

Ang got a Mac Book today for her Master's classes she's taking. Apparently we can Skype now (whatever THAT is), can download some sort of songs off the Web, and can surf the net while using the toilet.

At least that's what Rakes and Trot told me.

So, to make the list official; my wife has a wicked nice laptop, Ciera has a flat screen in her room and the kids have a flat screen in the play room to play videos on while I'm punching the keyboard on a 5 year old desktop and watching Sox games on a 32 inch RCA television that we bought before Ciera was born.

I keep telling myself I'm sacrificing for my kids and I don't need to go into debt on something I don't need and ONE day I'll get that monster 50 inch LCD and that there are starving people in Timbuktu that have it far worse than I do, but there is this nagging feeling that keeps biting me in my non-existent rear end. (I'm not only a member, but I'm the President of the No Butt for Men Club.)

Something is SERIOUSLY wrong with this picture.


toosoxy said...

hah. funny. i hope they read this and took it into account for father's day!

Ted D said...

Don't hold your breath. But I still will. ;)