Friday, June 10, 2011

Magnificent Seven

*Picture courtesy of Kelly O and*

He may look a bit confused in the picture but Buch spun a gem tonight with 7 innings of 1 one ball and Bard and Pap finished it off for the 7th Red Sox win in a row.

THIS is the team Sox Nation expected coming out of the off season; lights out pitching to go along with an absolute force at the plate. Gonzy is leading the league in RBI, Papi is back to being Papi, and Carl Crawford is finally being.... well, Carl Freaking Crawford.

This, combined with Horse Face getting ticked about taking one to the ribs against Cleveland tonight along with Girardi going nose to nose with Indians manager Manny Acta (FWIW? I'd take Acta 6 days a week and twice on Sunday against a 42 year old guy who wears braces) and my 3 day weekend is starting off on a high note.

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