Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Happy Days Are Here Again.

*Pretty sure this picture is from Kelly. If I'm wrong, apologies all around.*

My co-worker John has an older brother who is a die-hard Yankee fan, and sometime back around the first of May I told him the Sox would be in first place by June 1st. Well, they actually beat me by a few days and of course I gleefully let him know that I was really sorry I missed my prediction but was in fact just a bit early.

On June 1st, the Yankees were back in the lead and I got a call that night that basically said "Ted, you were wrong about your &*($%^#()@*$ prediction!"

Today, he came in the store and I of course snuck up behind him and put my Sox cap on his head.

We laughed, shook hands, man hugged, and he uttered "They can't beat you *&^%#$!@#$%&S".

And this was BEFORE Papi went yard for the 15th time and the Sox took not only the first two games of the series but first place in the AL East as well.

The worm has turned and it's the aging Yankees pinning all their hopes on the Yokozuna-esqe CC Sabbathia tomorrow night against the revitalized Josh Beckett.

Honestly? I'll be happy to take two out of three in the Toilet, but if the boys can somehow sweep them AGAIN?

I've got a feeling it's gonna be a runaway in the AL East this year.


Matty said...

Considering their dismal start this season, this is quite a turnaround. A testament to their tenacity.

Stacy said...

You definitely keep the faith....I would never have thought 1st place by June 1. :)

Ted D said...

Matty, best record in baseball since sweeping the Yankees in May. And Stacy, they are too good a team to keep playing as bad as they were, but this is an unreal roll they've been on.

sittingstill said...

Ted, I laughed--I looked at the photo and all I could say was "It looks like it would be mine..."! But then suddenly I realized exactly what it was--it was right after the Youkilis/Porcello kerfuffle, and I took it because things had just wound down after the benches-clearing brawl, and there was Papi, leaning on the dugout laughing. ^_^

Ted D said...

Kelly, that is hilarious. And I've started putting recent shots of yours I save in a folder with your name on it so a year from now I'm not guessing!