Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Clark puts it all into Perspective.

*Video NSFW if you are employed by a church, monestary, school, or day care. Otherwise you'll be fine.*

Substitute "him" with "The San Diego Padres" and you get the point. After rolling off two weeks worth of brutal beatings the Sox came down to earth and dropped two out of three to the Padres.

Hope is still alive as they start 3 games with the Pirates tomorrow night and The Commander of the FYYO Brigade is due to take the mound on Saturday.

Baseball is a funny game; the same team that can sweep the vaunted New York Yankees in the House that Steinbrenner built can drop 2 games to the worse team this side of The Bad News Bears. Just another example, along with 3 out of 10 considered a great average, losing 1/3 of your games is an excellent mark, and how getting on base 4 out of 10 times is just as good as hitting a home run 1 out of every 12 a/b.

I. Love. This. Game.

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