Wednesday, June 29, 2011

It's a Long Season. And Trot makes it Longer.

Unable to capitalize on a 7 plus inning game by John Lackey in which he only allowed 2 runs and only once caused my blood pressure to elevate the Sox dropped the first two games against the Phillies. Losing game 1 to Cliff Lee? The guy is on an unholy roll of pitching right now and I'm not sure The Legends of Cooperstown on Rakes PS2 game could hit him right now.

Losing to a guy with a bad Mohawk and glasses like Charlie Sheen wore in "Major League"? Little harder to take, but it's baseball and it's 162 games and the best teams lose 60 to 70 games a year and to paraphrase Jim Leyland from the book "It'd Be A Shame If They Didn't Win" that I'm reading for the 8th time?

"It's all part of it".

Meanwhile my sister Sheri sent Rakes a big letter "R" to hang in his room and after Trot repeatedly tried to put his head through the hole in the R he laid it on the floor, pondered in deep thought for a minute or so, and looked up at his Mom and said.......

"I want to change my name, Mom".

"What to, Trot?"


Yep. Without knowing how to spell and without a clue that he was doing it he, if you substitute another t for the a, named himself..........


I couldn't come up with this stuff on my own if you gave me LSD, a crystal ball, and Dionne Warwick.

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Stacy said...

Ang told me the story, but I didn't make the connection about rotten.