Wednesday, June 1, 2011

2 More Days

In the two weeks Rakes has been gone and in the 6 days Ang and Ciera were also away at my niece's wedding, I've allowed myself to slip back into "Pre-Rakes Watching the Game With Me" mode.

Which loosely translated means I've been channeling my inner Redd Foxx this whole time and better get it under control before Friday, when my little buddy FINALLY comes home. It's been so long he's probably grown a Fu Man Chu and has learned Zulu since I last saw him.

And let's be honest; with Trot still trying to grasp the whole pee in the toilet concept, Ciera in the throes of teenagerness and Ang getting ready to start summer school for her Master's Degree the LAST thing I need right now is a call from the principle letting me know about Rakes teaching an entire 1st grade class the Seven Words You Can't Say On Television.

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