Thursday, February 15, 2007

Better Days

Fighting some evil stomach bug for the last 36/48 hours or so, I've tried to make my mind think happy thoughts, hoping to forget the fact my stomach sounds like a volcano about to blow. It's worked most of the time, especially when I find a picture like the one I posted here.
It's got a little bit of everything: Manny flipping his bat away, pimping a massive moon shot, Fenway Park on the verge of erupting, and the only thing Posada and the rest of the Yankees can do about it is watch as it leaves the field. I know a lot of people don't like it when Manny or Papi stand and admire their work, but my view is if you don't want them pimping it, don't give 'em anything to hit: if you do, hey, it's all on you.
So, as I sit here sick as a dog, with it freezing outside, and the season still 6 weeks or so away, I'll keep thinking my happy thoughts. Taking my kids outside to play catch, or taking Ciera fishing. Teaching Trot how to throw a ball for the first time, and watching Rakes do his best Papi bat flip as he hits his wiffleball around. Sitting up until 11:30 every night, watching the boys win another one. Seeing Manny do his thing, or watch Papi walk off with another 9th inning bomb.
Here's to Better Days.


Tex said...

I love teaching kids to play ball!! They get so hyper!! We actually had a winter this year....spring is around the corner but more importantly SPRING TRAINING is almost here!!

scott h said...

Well based on your track record.I bet you are taking a sick day today! Setting home clutching your Sox's bat and marble collection ! coming up with witty things to blog about. I feel for the first coach that has to deal with Rakes. A few suicide wind sprints will stop that bat flipping!!!

Kaylee said...

hope you feel better soon:)

Ted D said...

Scott, should have stayed home today: went out and feel like a car ran over me!