Saturday, February 24, 2007

Having a catch

Winter took the day off today, and I was finally able to take the munchkins outside to play. Rakes belly flopped onto Ciera's skateboard in the road, over adjusted just a tad, and did quite the face plant on the pavement. Meanwhile, Ciera is somehow riding her bike, skateboarding, and roller blading seemingly at the same time, while Angie and I chased the newly walking Trot every which way but loose.

Still, it was nice to just get outdoors for the first time in months it seems. Of course, we ended the playtime the way we usually do: we had a catch. Ciera has loved doing this since she was 3, which is Rakes age now, and I alternate throwing to each one. I don't know how such a simple thing is so much fun, it just is. When it's just Ciera and I, she tells me what she did that day, or which rotten little boy chased her around the playground (I keep all boys names she mentions in a secret book in case I need it in a few years), or what she saw on TV that day. Somehow, just throwing a ball back and forth makes me feel even closer to her.

Rakes and I are going to spend a lot of evenings playing catch, I can already tell. He loves for me to "play baseball" with him, which is basically batting practice. For a 3 year old, he's pretty good at it: his focus is our biggest problem! A plane goes by, or he sees a butterfly, and it's ADD time. I can't wait until he turns 5 and we can sign him up for T-Ball, but I am going to have to break him of his "Big Papi pimping" every time he gets ahold of one!

Winter gave us a peek at spring today, the Sox are in Florida getting ready for 2007, and the first Spring Training game is Wednesday night, with Schill on the hill. Before long, the season's gonna start, my blood pressure will go up, and we'll be outside every evening having a catch.

It don't get much better than that.


Tex said...

teaching your kids to love the Sox....doesn't get better than that

scott h said...

Oh come on tex, love the game not the gamer. Teddy boy , when you are thru each evening throw one more. Too quickly you are tossing car keys and credit cards to the girls.

Ted D said...

Scotty, Just got back in from taking Rakes out again. I gotta say, the boy has a gun for an arm to be three! As tired as I am at night, I'm trying to enjoy all the little things more.

Tex, how's the hand after teaching today?

scott h said...

Whats tex teach sign language? Speaking of signs.The welcome to new mexico sign just BLEW by my house!! ITs nasty out. Got to go to Steve Newlons wedding can you believe that.

Tex said...

uhm Ted I wasn't teaching Sign Language...i teach by using my mouth ;)

my hand is fine though...alittle throbbing but ill take aleve. i do not like pain meds. i am alittle tired. friend brought over The gonna run to the store then veg watching it

Scott...have you even READ the title of my Blog???? it'll give you a hint as to whether you want to continue those swipes at me :)

Ted D said...

Scotty, little Stevie Newlin is getting married? OK, I'm old. Bad weather in OK? Who'd a thunk it?

Tex, glad the hand is OK. Angie tried to rent it yesterday, but it was out: which means it's free when I get it. Tell me how it is: it looks awesome.

Kaylee said...

I love that picture!It is freakin cold and rainy here today!I aint plaing no9 catch in this weather well It would be hard too with a broken hand anyway:]

Ted D said...

Thanks Kaylee: thank God they take after their mother.

Hope your hand feels better soon.

Kaylee said...

Thanks.I get to have surgery MONDAY!SO NOT LOOKING FORWARD TO THAT:]

John said...

That brought back happy memories Ted, in my case of kicking a football (soccer ball to you) with my boys in thre garden. Same feeling, same bonding.

John said...

*thre = the

Ted D said...

Hey John, thanks for commenting. Nothing like being a Dad huh? Best job in the world.

Hope New Zealand is treating you well today.

[J]bird said...

heyyy uncleeee;;
you have WAY
to much time on your hands.
i lav ya though. you are sooo funny. mother and i were rolling on the floor we were laughing so hard.
[sorry if i dont use 'correct punctuation]

Ted D said...


What is that picture you used?

And why is it side ways? :)

And go work on your spelling young lady!

Tell Laverne that Squiggy says "Hallo Laberne".

sheri said...

Squiggy, it's Laberne! You know, the sister you failed to tell about your blog??? So, there is a reason I am just now starting to comment - it's called NOT KNOWING ABOUT YOUR PERSONAL JOURNAL!
Wish I was there to help play catch with those little ones! Cici still thinks she can beat me in the crab race this summer. You better put her through some "spring training" first! Keep Rakes throwing that ball! It can earn him a good living one of these days; doesn't hurt to have a backup incase the good old furniture business gets a bit stale!
Keep up the writing! Gives Jess and I a good laugh!
Love you little brudder!
Laberne (aka your sister Sheri - you know the one, a believe you referred to me as a not as smart as a BAG OF PEAT MOSS???)pay back comin'; get ready!

Ted D said...


I again refer you to the time frame: you were 15 years old and dumb as a box of rocks! Who knew you would turn into the smart, confident woman you are now? Who, by the way, is fixing to hit ...

Nope. I'm not gonna go there!

Love you sis,


Tex said...

ok wait...are kids posting here?? am I gonna have to clean up my language??

Ted D said...

Hey Tex! Jess is 15 (I think), but you are good! Speak how you normally do: hopefully Laverne is watching!

Hows the hand?

sheri said...

Squiggy, your niece is only 14, please don't make her any older than she already is!!! And you were very SMART for not mentioning my age... you have learned something from your wife!
Don't go throwing stones, little brudder. I really don't believe we thought you were going to be the next Eistein when you were young either. Remember the time when you were living with me and you came home for lunch and fixed yourself a nice MICROWAVEABLE bowl of chili??? Only the container wasn't microwaveable??? AND what did you do??? Leave it for me to clean up when I got home! That is just a start on some old stories...

Tell Tex she is good on language - remember she lives in REDNECK Yukon. Plus, I'll be the monitor for now!

love you,

Ted D said...

Look Laverne, I can delete any comment you make here: so you best keep them stories the nice variety. Otherwise, I may have to unleash a whole post one day about my big sis!