Saturday, May 5, 2007

Captain Americo

*Photo from the Remy Report*

Dear Mr. Ortiz,

Thanks for the jaw dropping home runs, the clutch hits, and the general awesomeness you display on a nightly basis.

For the endless smiles, hugs, and "awww" moments you give us as we sit in our Barcoloungers cheering you and your boys on a daily basis, an entire Red Sox Nation is grateful.

As you displayed Thursday night vs. Seattle, you find new ways to make us smile: the spontaneous hug you gave to the Mariner on the base paths instead of depositing him into shallow LF made me, along with 36,000 plus at Fenway laugh out loud.

Finally, as a father of 3 young children, thanks for being the rare athlete that children can look up too. From your generous charitable actions, your random man-hugs of teammates and foes alike, and the fact you play the game the right way, you make me proud to be a fan of the game of baseball.

The world could use more men like you.


Tex said...

Not to take away from Ortiz's awesomeness...but the world could use more men like you, Mattie and Scottie. :)

Stacy said...

Ted, I totally agree. (Can't say THAT has ever happened too many times.) He IS the baddest man on the planet, and the hug with the opposing team's 2nd baseman sealed it for me. :)

Tex, also have to agree with you. They're good guys, in a Larry, Mo and Curly sort of way. :) Just kidding boys. Tex is a good judge of character.

Ted D said...

Aww Tex: you are making me blush.

Thanks. ;)

Ted D said...

Stacy, you agreed with me.

::picks self up off the floor::

I say Scott is Mo, Matt's Curly, and I'm Larry: perpetually clueless.

Tex said...

well that trio didnt come to mind .... BUT now that you mention it...the 3 Stooges fits.

But Tiz is an awesome man when it comes to baseball players and their personas.

heading out to a friends party...hope to get back to see part of the game then off to try and hear Woode sing.

Ted D said...

Have fun Tex: don't know when you are going to see Woode, but the games at 7 est tonight.

Some places were saying it was a day game.

Be safe!

Carol said...

Right on (about Big Papi and the 3 Stooges)- lol!

Ted D said...

That's it Carol: kick a man when he's down! :)

scott h said...

Thank you Tex!

Stacy you did it again.

You are stretching the love with the larry, mo and curly.

On a different note don't know about you cats but I find myself a little, hmmm can't find the words over the Hancock deal. I am sad that a life ended way to early, but when do folks start to learn.

Ted D said...

Hey Bub:

Mattie and I were talking about this yesterday. Sounds like he had some major issues that basically went ignored. Of course, it's kind of hard to tell someone something when the manager is busted for DUI in Spring Training. The whole ban beer from the clubhouse is going to change nothing, it's just the team doing a little CYA in the culpability department.

Bottom line, he was a grown man who made a very immature decision and sadly, it cost him his life.

scott h said...

You are right. And we all want to hold teams, the sport , The commish, responsible . It starts in Highschool and college where sports hero's are told you are so cool do whatever you want and you are expected to party and still play at a high level. Not all kids do. But i think a vast number do.

Ted D said...


Colin Cowherd was talking about this yesterday on ESPN radio and Hancock had the rep of the "party guy" and I guess it's true.

I agree with you and also think the jock mentality plays into this: I'm rich, I'm talented, I can burn the candle at both ends, and it won't catch up to me.

It's just a waste of a life for nothing. The other thing I can't figure out is why these guys don't take a freaking cab?

Christine E. said... actually OWN a Barcolounger? LOL

That sucks about Josh Hancock--its such a waste..:-(

Hopefully Julian won't go batsh*t and chew off his arm off on the mound or something (Although that would be interesting to see...

Hope everyone is well...

Go Sox!

Ted D said...

Hi Christine: I was using Barcalounger generically: I actually have a Lane Action recliner, which is a poor mans barcolounger.

Everyone is great and I hope the wedding plans are going swimmingly.

scott h said...

have a Lane Action recliner.

Only a furniture saleman would say that. A brown chair that flips back would cover it for the rest of us.

Ted D said...

Listen Flower boy, back off.

I don't get all snarky about rose bushes now do I?

2-0 Twins, going into the 3rd inning.

Tavarez walked 2 and had 2 infield hits to score the runs.

KAYLEE said...

hey you know cabs can get into accidents too:-)

Tex said...

i love ya calling names "Flower Boy" LOL!!

HorshamScouse said...

I left my cream leather Lane recliner, with heat and massage no less, in the care of my son in the UK. Dumb decision:).

KAYLEE said...

//Kaylee you have crossed the line with me and your Mick statement. From now on I put you in the group with the chicklets . GONE!//

Scott:PUT me there if you wish.I will go in any category you want.I already live in my own world.

Ted D said...


What are you thinking? Heat AND massage? Can your son ship it to the states?

Hey Tex: you home for the night, or you still going to see Woode?

scott h said...

Sorry Jr, left for a little guitar practice.

So tex likes a little name calling. Where is oatmeal, i think that boy must eat out every nite. Does he have a side gig you don't know about.

Tex said...

i was going to hear woode...but i got back too late. i got to get ready before heading out im gonna check his site for the next place he'll be. bands/singers are every day around here in austin

Ted D said...

He's been watching alot of movies with Amanda, he say's.

Bet he can quote Steel Magnolias, Dirty Dancing, and How to lose a guy in 10 days from beginning to end.

"Nobody put's Baby in a corner!"

scott h said...

That boy is whipped!

Be back later have to watch a show with you know who!

Ted D said...

Just tell me you aren't watching "Fix this house" or something.

And why don't you get some control over your household.

This TV never gets off baseball!

scott h said...

A little c&w to sum you up!

She took the kids she took the fridge.
she took her clothes from under my nose.
she took the car but it wont go far!
She took my chair but I don't care, CAUSE SHE WONT GET MY 32 INCH!

Ted D said...

I think you nailed me Bub:

Spot on for you!

KAYLEE said...
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KAYLEE said...

Julian Tavarez pitched as good as he could and the result was not the best but Thats what happens when the offense gives you 1 run,and you are facing johan santana.