Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Welcome Home

*Picture from the Boston Globe*

Woke up yesterday morning feeling queasy, and by the time Trot took RF last night, I was running between the bedroom and the facilities.

Don't know where I picked up this flu bug, but it's pretty much kicked my tail the last 36 hours or so. Thanks to Tex for her get well card at her blog (Much appreciated sis) and my apologies to Oat Bran for causing him to consider an APB for my whereabouts.

In between running to the bathroom and peeking out from under the covers, I did get to see Trot take RF, saw the tremendous ovation Fenway Park greeted him with, and Youk's inside the park HR.

Thanks to everyone for the get well thoughts: just ate some soup, and so far, so good.

Maybe watching Beckett come back strong tonight is all I need to turn the corner.

::crawls back into bed::


John said...

Hope you're feeling better soon

Stacy said...

Glad you're feeling a little better, Ted. Here's hoping that soup stays down and the stomach flu stays away from Angie and the kids.

Glad you got to see Trot at Fenway last night. If you find video of him taking RF, will you hook me up? Those of us without NESN would like to see it.

Tex said...

Sack UP you Nancy!! :)

sending PVs for my boy Josh...Ill be there in spirit

Ted D said...

Thank you John and Stacy:

::sticks tongue out at Tex::

Soup staying down, which is a good sign.

Christine E. said...

Hey Ted:

SO sorry to hear you are sick....that SUCKS..%-(

But sending you TONS AND TONS of positive vibes...

13.5 games must be good for the ulcer..and the High BP, and the hives...LOL

Feel Better!

HorshamScouse said...

Looks like Beckett's going to be OK and you're getting there too.
Boiled water for a day usually works for me.

Ted D said...

Christine, yep: that big of a lead takes some of the pain away. Hope you are well.

Horsham, thanks, and Beckett looks like he hasn't missed a beat.

Boiled water?

KAYLEE said...

NEVER thought I would actually type this But,I am Glad beckett is back:-)

Mattie said...

Glad you're feeling better, Pizza Roll. That mess is no joke. And I pray none of the family gets it, either. Yikes.

On to important matters: what's the score?

Ted D said...

Thanks corn meal: Sox win 4-2.

And the Yankees lose: they are now 14.5 back and in 4TH PLACE.

Somehow, THAT makes my stomach feel even better.

Tex said...

i had to teach tonight...and nothing better than getting texts from SotB with the scores and then the text saying WE WON and the Yankees LOSE!!

Carol said...

I've been sick a week now. Get well Ted!

Ted D said...

Carol, I've been wondering where you were: very sorry to hear you are sick, and PV to you to feel better soon.

I'm still fighting this mess: hopefully one more day and back to the grindstone.