Saturday, May 5, 2007

That's the way the ball bounces

Can't say tonight's 2-1 loss fell on Julian: 6 innings, 4 hits, 2 runs, 3 walks, and 7 strikeouts should buy you a win every time.

Factor in Johan Santana was gone after 5 and the Red Sox had their shots to win this one. Manny ending the game striking out swinging vs. Nathan is hard to take, but Nathan is one of the best closers in the game.

I just feel bad for Tavarez: it's clear he enjoys playing in Boston, and his antics on the bench, particularly with Matsuzaka and Okajima, are worthy of getting their own NESN show. Once Lester is ready, Julian is most likely headed to the bullpen or the trading block, which would be a travesty for anyone who likes to laugh.

As you can see from the picture, Julian is a guy that any team would love to have: animated, funny, and does whatever Tito asks of him. Too bad tonight he got the dreaded "No run support for Wake" disease.

Schill takes the hill tomorrow, and I'm hopeful of a 2-1 series sweep, just like John at RSN NZ on my homepage said earlier today.

For tonight, I'm sorry the boys could not pull it out for Julian after a well pitched game on his part.

But, that's the way the ball bounces sometimes.


KAYLEE said...

I agree you cant fault Julian for that effort tonight.Go out and get em tomorrow BOYS!

Tex said...

Taz pitched a great one but like
Wake...he sees he needs the offense to do something as well

Ted D said...

Howdy Texas: hope you had a good night last night, looks like it was a long one!

Weird lineup today: no Lugo or Manny who are getting the day off.

Sidney Ponson must not strike fear into the Red Sox.

Added Bonus: Extra Innings has the NESN feed.


Tex said...

so glad i dont have to listen to those Twins announcers today. would NOT be a good thing for my after party feeling

Ted D said...

Clemens announced he's going back to the Yankees for this year Mattie and Bub if you read this.

Him leaving the NL at this stage of his career is a mistake.

Tex said...

I am quite disappointed to hear Roger is going to NY. I seriously thought he'd stay in Houston or for sentimental reasons...come to Boston. I will be booing him and rooting against him all season. I hope he falls on his face with the Spankees.

Ted D said...

Tex, I know you love him and I think he's a GREAT pitcher, one of the all time best. But he's been a mercenary since he left to go to Toronto, and while I'm dissapointed he is going to the Yankees, and he'll help them for sure, but he is NOT the answer to everyting that is wrong with them right now.

KAYLEE said...

I really dont think clemens will help them one guy does not make a difference on your team! hopefully he will regret it in october.

Tex said...

I think Roger should have retired this year. He doesnt have it for an entire season...and i know isnt the Savior for the spanks. as much as I love him...i realize how he's all about him...but his personality was not what I admired him for.

Ted D said...

Tex, are you having any problems accessing the comment box? Google keeps telling me it looks like I'm trying to do something bad (techincal term, no?) and then after I try again, it lets me.


Tex said...

well after I posted some error thing came up but it still posted..who knows?

Ted D said...

Thanks Tex: don't know what was up but it seems all good now.

NICE 4-3 win today, Schilling had the one iffy inning, and Pap shut the door.

scott h said...

Oh boy, had to work this aftenoon we were short help. Kind of a bummer day too, cloudy and winds of about 20 freakin miles. Puts a damper on plant shoppers!
where is graham cracker?

Jr I guess we are in phase 2 of ignore it and it will go away.

Ted D said...

I have not talked to that boy all weekend: he must be in "I've ticked Amanda off and now have to make it up to her for 3 straight days".

Hate you had to work: nice win for the boys today, and 20-10 for the year so far.


Christine E. said...

Good Win today...:-)

And can I just tell you how HAPPY I am Roger is NOT coming to the Sox! Whooo Hoo!

Hope everyone is well

Go Sox!

Ted D said...

Hi Christine: I'm switzerland on this issue. Yeah it would have been nice for the storybook ending, but I'm with Schilling: We don't need him.

Like I told Tex, he's been a mercenary since he left in 1996, going to the highest bidder, and he is not the difference maker the Yankees need. Yes, he'll help the rotation. But at 45, back playing with the big kids in the AL, he won't dominate, and he won't eat innings, which does NOTHING for that bullpen.

Rant over: we are all well, and hope this finds you the same.

scott h said...

Let me guess YOU are watching Green fried tomatos with Angie.

Ted D said...

No Bub, actually we were talking.

I'll wait a minute while you pick yourself up off the floor.


Yes: we were talking.

scott h said...

Hold on, hit my head on the floor. their, now what did you say. Something about you turning off the tv and you and Angie doing??? I lost you at that point.