Sunday, May 27, 2007

Return of the Dirt Dog

*Photo from the Boston Globe*

Tomorrow night Trot Nixon returns to Fenway Park for the first time, and I'm sure the sound the crowd makes for his first at bat will rival that of a large plane.

Why is a guy with a .278 career average and a medical chart the size of a small town phone book so beloved by RSN? Take a look at this picture: THAT is why the guy is a cult hero in Boston.

Every time there was a dust up on the field, Nixon was right in the middle of it: during the '04 brawl, Trot was right there mixing it up with the Yankees. This particular picture is from the "Pedro drills Gerald Williams in the 1st inning" game vs. the Devil Rays, I think.

He played the outfield like a 16 year old kid, diving for anything in reach and bouncing off the walls like one of those super balls kids play with. And while he never was a big time slugger, he had the knack for getting the key hit when needed. From hitting the walk off HR to keep the Sox alive in '03 vs the A's in the ALDS, to the 3-0 double that missed being a grand slam by 2 freaking feet in game 4 of the '04 World Series, it seems like he always came through when it counted.

I realize Trot, particularly in the past 3 seasons, was injury prone and his production fell off. And in my heart, I know that JD Drew, at this point in their careers, has a much bigger upside. I've got no problem with Theo deciding Drew was the way they wanted to go. Trot Nixon is one of my all time favorite players for the way he played the game, and that won't change just because he wears a different uniform.

One day I'll get to tell my little boy why I named him Trot.

Where should I begin?


Tex said...

Where to begin to tell Trot's story? Well for starters...he's from North Carolina...and he had the dirtiest hat on the team...he was the only one I could yell "DIRT DOG" to...he's the only player I know who got ejected while being the DL...hmmm "where to begin to tell the Story of Christopher Trotman Nixon...."

I get chills just thinking of them....

KAYLEE said...

Yeah aint often you see a player get ejected while on the DL.I could write a whole story on this guy.HE IS A GREAT PLAYER!I too will always love him no matter what uniform he wears:)

Ted D said...

Tex, did I ever tell you that Angie's Uncle and Aunt live in Wilmington, NC, and have met Trot's parents on several occasions? Some kind of muckity muck fund raiser, but when we had Trot, her Uncle wanted to know who the Sox fan was?

My brush with fame: there it is.

I'm really looking forward to tomorrow night.

Tex said...

thank pod Im off work...Ill be parked in front of the tube watching the game. I cant wait to see Trot's welcome...just wish I was there.

ok nite folks...I is one tard gal

Ted D said...

Night Tex: I'm heading that way myself.

Talk to you tomorrow, I'm sure.

KAYLEE said...

I am going to bed myself too its only 8:00 here but,Its been a long day:)

Stacy said...

Ejected while on the DL? Ted, it sounds like you DEFINITELY picked the right name for Trot. :)

Jared was watching some of the Indians game last night just so he could see Trot play. :)

I disagree with you on Theo trading him; let the guy play where he is loved and loves to play. It would only have been for a few more years anyway.

Mattie said...

I hesitate to write this, because then it will mess of the coolness of a post about Trot having 7 comments. But, who am I kidding? Kaylee will post 12 more times, so it won't last.

I still miss the guy. He was the quintessential Red Sox player. Yeah, he was dinged up, but that's because of the way he played. I still say he retires a Sox.

However, I also hope the Sox put a big win on Trot's Tribe, and continue to bury the Yanks.

Tex said...

"Trot's Tribe" cute Mattie cute.

I keep saying "its only april" "its only May" but geewhiz...with such a lead....I am beginning to get comfortable

Tex said...

I know that Ted is sitting silently weeping on the couch watching this game AND it's being dvr'd....a friend pointed out how Trot's 1st at bat he hit it to Drew..ironic??

KAYLEE said...

//Kaylee will post 12 more times, so it won't last.//

I aint that insane anymore mattie.

Tex said...

ok WHO kidnapped Ted???

Stacy said...

Tex, Ted has a stomach virus. (Staying far, far away.)

I'm sure he'll be blogging as soon as possible.

Tex said...

awwwww Please send him PV's for me..he DID get to see the game I HOPE???

Get Well Soon Ted!!

KAYLEE said...

FEEL better aoon TED!