Wednesday, May 16, 2007

We interupt your regularly scheduled programming.

Sadly, the game tonight was postponed due to a real gully washer in Boston. I had my sights set on 7 IP by Tavarez with 2 HBP's and one good old fashioned donny brook where Julian goes all Micky Rivers on Scheffield. Guess I'll have to hope it happens tomorrow.

Day night double header tomorrow with Julian going in the first game and Schilling following him tomorrow night. Also, they made it official today: Beckett is out for Friday's game, to be replaced by one of the AAA lads. While I don't think Atlanta is as good as Boston this year, they ARE good enough to rough up a guy fresh from Pawtucket. Also, the way the rotation looks now, it'll be Tavarez, Schilling, and ? vs. the Yankees next week. I'm not exactly bubbling over with confidence.

On a positive not, tonight's rain out has allowed me to get caught up on 24 (Jack Bauer is still who I want to be when I grow up: season finale next Monday) and I'll get to watch LOST live instead of taping it. So I've got that going for me.

Finally, the Yankees lost the first game of a day/night doubleheader to the White Sox today. Which means that the WORSE the day can end today is Boston still 8 games up. If the MFY's lose tonight (scoreless in the 2nd right now), we can wake up tomorrow with a 9 game lead without playing a game today.

::dances a happy dance::


Tex said...

Josh will be fine..I know it. Im not worried bout our team...course Ive been doing that happy dance since April.

Rain...go AWAY!!

Ted D said...

Tell me about it Tex: I HATE rainouts.

Becks will be fine:just needs a few days to recover.

Hopefully they get both games in tomorrow.

HorshamScouse said...

Y****s took th second but 8.5 lead ain't bad. Didn't know about JB (MLB's still showing him as Friday's starter).
I just worked out that we could go into NY with a double digit lead (Go Mets for the subway series). Wouldn't that be sweet!

Ted D said...

John, I like the way you think: double digit lead heading into NY? It'd put the Yank fans into orbit.

Hope things are going well for you in NZ.

scott h said...

Jr whats the deal are you at a creative memories party?

Mattie said...

What is up with this? 10:00, and nobody's home?

Tex said...

Ted is watchin the game

Mattie said...

See Teddy...if you had a wango tango, you could sit in your recliner, watch the game, and blog, all at the same time.

Ted D said...

Ted was relegated to downstairs for the last hour: considering the wife put the water treatment on the deck today, I figured I'd best not complain!

4-2 Sox and they take 3 out of 4 off the Tigers.


scott h said...

Speaking of hoots, we can't comment on the new post!